1 in 2 dogs gets cancer

And cancer is the leading cause of death in pets over the age of TWO

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1/2 of ALL pets are obese

56% of dogs & 60%  of cats are overweight. In fact, obesity, diabetes & cancer rates continue to increase each year...

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Pets can live 2X longer

A current 30 year study is finding that by changing what they ate, dogs could live twice as long...

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The  #1 link between these three points is simple: Diet. And for the past 50 years many of our pets have been eating highly processed food that is damaging to their health...

Imagine eating fast food every single day for your entire life? (They didn't make Supersize Me for nothing right?) It is the exact same way with our pets. Day after day, hundreds of thousands of dogs consume unidentifiable brown balls of highly processed who-knows-what & unfortunately they can't tell us if they feel awful. 

They just live with it & we see things like obesity, diabetes & cancer rates trend UP. Every. Single. Year.

PROCESSED to death


Did you know that the process used to make most kibble involves such high heat and pressure that it robs even the best ingredients of their inherent nutrients, vitamins & minerals? In fact, many manufacturers will resort to spraying on processed

nutrients to pass industry testing and the digestibility of these foreign nutrients is not proven to be absorbed into their system. Yuck. 



Take a look at the food you feed your pet. 

Do you know all the ingredients? 

Or at least 75% of them? 

If the answer is no, you're not alone. The unfortunate standard in the industry is that the first 5 ingredients are the only ones that are important... We need to start asking WHY? & WHAT IS THAT?



Real Food Nutrition

According to a Purdue University Study, by simply changing just 25% of your dogs meal with real food (like green leafy vegetables  or a high quality freeze dried food) there was a 90% DECREASE in the risk of cancer...

Again for the people in the back: 




Be your pets advocate & start digging. Find non-biased resources that expose the truth about pet food, ask questions, find out WHY.

Just like humans, good health starts from the inside out & food is only good if the body is able to absorb the nutrients. So let's stop filling their bellies with highly

processed dead food. 

We can, and should, do better.

GO chemical free


Really look at your pet food. 

If you can't pronounce something, chances are it's a chemical or additive which can be destroying their digestive system, immune system & body in general.

They can't tell you when they are feeling terrible, so look for signs: 

Itchy skin. Scooty butt. Constantly panting or licking. Soft poop.

Take the whole food pledge

We are on a mission to help pets live longer. By replacing 25% of their diet with real, whole foods, your pet will experience incredible health benefits, like: 

Lower blood sugar

More energy

Better overall health

Smaller poop

Shinier Coat

We challenge you to take the whole food challenge and for the next 30 days, replace 25% of their current diet with real stuff (like carrots, spinach, kale and apples) or supplement with a high quality freeze dried food.

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