Why feed Whole Foods?

Kibble kills

Did you know that most kibble is so highly processed that it is robbed of its inherent nutrients, vitamins & minerals? In fact, most times it needs to be sprayed with synthetic & artificial nutrients that sometimes isn't even digestible by dogs! 

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health starts from the inside

Just like humans, good health starts from the inside out & food is only good if the body is able to absorb the nutrients. When your dog is fed a highly processed diet, it destroys their GI tract, limiting their ability to actually absorb vitamins & minerals

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chemical free

Try replacing your dogs diet with 25% real food. That's it. Supplement with real stuff like kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots or freeze dried dog food that's gone through minimal processing & made from high quality ingredients. 

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Take the whole food pledge

We are on a mission to help pets live longer. By replacing 25% of their diet with real, whole, foods, your pet will experience incredible health benefits. Like lower blood sugar, more energy and better overall health. We challenge you to take the whole food challenge and for the next 30 days, replace 25% of their current diet with real stuff (like carrots, spinach, kale and apples) or supplement with a high quality freeze dried food. Your dogs health is worth it. Feed love Feed Life.

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